Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Smokin' Clones bobble head soon to be available

Recently, while at one of my barbeque hot spots (I won't name names, but it sounded like Smokin' Guns BBQ), I stumbled across this Darren Warth prototype bobble head doll. Just sitting there at the bar, minding my own business, I could feel these beady little eyes trained on me. To my surprise, while seeking the source of this tension, I spied a 10" spittin' image of Smokin' Clone himself staring right at me, taunting me that he always beats me in ribs when I supply him at a contest. Upon inquiring, I discovered that is guy is really supposed to resemble the owner, Phil Hopkins. Sorry Phil, this thing is a dead ringer for old Smokey D! Look for these at finer barbeque competitions everywhere in the spring! Darren has been a bit scarce since inventing the Clonesicle and hanging up the reins as a desk jockey. Word has it business is hoppin' at his new place, Smokey D's/Absolute Flavors. Surely Shad is keeping him lined out. By the way, that's my lunch special there in the background. If you haven't tried Linda's special recipe potato or broccoli and cheese casseroles with your brisket on bun, you'd don't know what you're missing. Both awesome and both award winning! Also, I incorrectly reported their hours of operation in a previous post - Smokin' Guns BBQ is open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday.


ULIKA BBQ said...

I am very intrigued by the Clonesicle and I really want to make one of those things very soon.

Ruth Ann said...

Rod, I just wanted to say how much I love your blog! I had not checked in on you for awhile and, I was pleasantly surprised to see this little bobble head son of mine peering back at me today! Can't wait for BBQ season to begin and I am sure we will see you on the circuit soon.

Ruth Ann