Monday, September 7, 2009

One Minute Monday, Volume I, Issue 2

So I think I've finally found my calling. I think I can be the Red Adair of forest fires. Yep, that's it. All I have to do is pull my Geer pit (aka Jambo) where ever rain is needed. See, having just returned from Nevada, where it rained on the pit EVERY DAY of the trip. In fact, on two of the three days we were in Mesquite, there were torrential rains with damaging winds. Every time I pull that pit to an event it get's rained on. I don't know the odds of this happening the way it does, but I wish Vegas would look into it.

Speaking of rain in Mesquite, I don't get how other parts of the country make their weather sound so threatening. I mean, they had a couple of pretty decent thunderstorms roll through while we were there. But see, they don't call them thunderstorms. Oh no, out there they're called monsoons. You have to admit, a monsoon does sound way more menacing. In fact, before this experience, I'd have told you that I never want to tangle with a monsoon. However, now that I know they're just a good old fashion gully washer with a little wind and some lightning for visual effect, they no longer concern me.

The weather we experienced Friday night/Saturday morning at the Smokin' In Mesquite was the second worst weather I've ever experienced at a contest and while cooking under a canopy. For awhile, I was holding on to that canopy, wondering if it and/or I would survive. Fortunately, that thought and the weather quickly passed. (I went a little passed by minute, but it was worth it. This column might become Two Minute Tuesdays. You have to admit, it as a ring to it.)

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Sarah and Jeff said...

Congrats - I believe I heard your name on the TLC show "BBQ Pitmasters" tonight for placing in the Chicken category at Mesquite (I could be wrong on the category). Keep up the great work and tell TLC they should feature your team.