Monday, October 6, 2008

The World's Largest Barbeque Contest

Well, another American Royal in the books. We got to see most of our friends from all around the country and the weather was amazing. The American Royal is probably my favorite event and I love it when everyone comes to Kansas City. Unfortunately, for the past couple years this has been our busiest weekend of the year thanks to a catering for 800 on Friday night. We finished 36th overall in the Invitational and 82 overall in the Open. The bright spot for us was a third place call in ribs in the Invitational contest. We're exhausted, but feel a sense of accomplishment for catering for such a large group and competing in back to back events. We absolutely could not have done this without the help of our friends and family. Thank you all.

Congratulations to Four Men and a Pig for winning the Open and to Smoke on Wheels for finishing the Reserve Grand Champion. Also, congrats to Joey Mac's Smoke Stax for winning the Invitational and to Buffalo's BBQ for RGC. Congrats to my Old School versus High Tech partners Johnny and Trish Trigg for their fourth place finish in the Open as well. That was way cool. I have three or four ideas for posts about this past weekend but I need to get back to work to finish up some things from the catering today. It's a busy week made busier by the fact that my truck needs to go into the shop for some repairs. I'm scheduled to be in Texas to cook this weekend, but need to head that way on Thursday. We'll have to see how everything goes. Thank you for reading the blog. I'll do my best to get a couple entries this week.

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bonz said...

Hey Guys!
You sound tired... We just wanted you to know that you were in our thoughts A LOT this weekend. This is just a reminder that you both will always be GRAND CHAMPS in our book.
Steve n Dawn