Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Scenes from the American Royal 2008 catering event

These are scenes from our catering for Americo at the American Royal this past weekend. This is Kim, Val, Terry and Monica. They manned one of the bars. Kim is Sheri's sister and Terry is her husband, my brother-in-law. Val is a good friend and a member of competition barbecue team. Monica is a friend of Kim and Terry. Well, she was, right up until she sees this picture. We gave her a piece of that trick gum that turns your teeth blue but didn't ever tell her. Ooops. This is the MAN! Shad of A Boy And His BBQ is our chef. We couldn't pull this thing off without him and his wife Angie. They are two of the hardest working people I know. Shad is a master ice sculptor. Here he is in the refer truck working on center pieces for our buffet tables. Those abstract pillars started out as 250 lb. blocks of pure frozen oxygen (that's why they freeze clear). The tall white box in the left of the picture is the next block ready to be worked over. This is a close up of the final product. Shad really did an awesome job and the ice sculptures were the hit of the party. People were touching them because they didn't believe they were real. Here's Sheri with Katie, Glory and Tonya. They all work together and were part of the staff of the other bar. That's a brand spanking new Boulevard Brewing Company trailer in the background. It was way cool!
We subtracted Sheri and added Lawrence in this picture. Lawrence was the strong silent type that evening and very hard working. I think he was just there to keep Tonya in line, which can be a full time job.Here's a peek into the Pellet Envy catering kitchen. Shad did an awesome job organizing it. Notice the dual Fast Eddy by Cookshack FEC-500's in the background. These machines are out of this world. We couldn't have catered this party for 800 without these pits. A big thank you to Stuart and Eddy.
Here's Matt cutting ribs. He's been a staple at the American Royal for several years now. He's also helped us with this catering event both years. Matt is seriously obsessed with barbeque and cooking in general. This year he even convinced his wife Melissa to help out. Way to go Matt!
A view of the buffet lines just before go time. Sheri, Mic, Glory, Shad, Kathy, Val and the crew worked hard to get everything perfect for the crowds. I think they pulled it off, don't you? Okay, if I were a betting man, I'd say this is Shad and Angie before we started the job that night. Wrong! This is a picture of these two nuts AFTER the event was over. I have never met two people more excited about feeding others. They have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute. I think they need therapy but I'm not going to tell them that because we need them desperately to do what we do. Thanks again Shad and Angie!

We actually had a crew of about thirty help us with this event. Unfortunately we didn't get pictures of everyone. Next year I think we get a group picture just before it starts. The company owner commented at the end of the night that the entire staff was awesome. I agree. I hope they all know we could not do this without them. A big thanks to all. Special thanks to Val for most of these pics. She does an awesome job with a camera in her hand. Also, a couple of these pics are from my good friend Chris Cappel of Dizzy Pig BBQ. The group booked us again for next year. That's so cool. It tells me they are happy with our efforts. I think I'll wait a few weeks to let everyone know.

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