Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New series of posts coming soon . . .

Hey all! Competing and vending in Dillon, Colorado this past weekend was a really big chore. It's taken me two days to clean-up and put away plus yesterday was an afternoon and evening of volunteer board member business. I'm mentally formulating everything I want to say in a two or three part post about last weekend. I'm also trying to get ready to head to Lebanon, Tennessee to compete this weekend. Please bear with me. I'll get some new stuff up soon.

Congrats to Carcass Cookers and Four Legs Up for their successes at Dillon this past weekend. Also congrats to all who heard their names called there and everywhere last weekend. Thank you all for patronizing my blog. This is a rough week, but I'll do my best to better stay on top of it.

One last thing, a good friend of mine made a tough decision yesterday, resigning from her position at the Kansas City Barbeque Society. She's a very strong person and I'm sure she made the best choice for her. I wish her well in her quest to find what she is happy doing. She will be missed. Thank you for everything you've done Stephanie.

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