Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BBQ at the Summit - Contest Recap

Well, this is long overdue. I apologize to the folks that read this blog, both of you. It took two full days to unpack and clean-up and put away everything from our trip to Dillon only to leave one day to get ready for the Tennessee trip. More on that soon.

There is no better place to escape the summer heat in the heat of the barbeque season than Dillon, Colorado. With highs in the 60's and lows in the 40's, the weather is the perfect break from the dog days of summer. Changes in our schedule delayed our entry into this event. By the time we realized we could attend, the only cook sites left required us to vend. If you've never attended the Dillon or Frisco, Colorado events, team vending is a big, big deal. The turn out for these events is phenomenal. Because we tried our hands at vending for the first time ever, the contest was a blur. There was so much to do vending wise, we couldn't really cook our recipes at this event and it showed. Add a serious power issue to the mix, and it was a rough contest for us.

Sparing you the details, out of 60 teams we finished 13th in chicken, 7th in ribs, 27th in pork and 2nd in brisket to finish 5th overall. Honestly, we felt like we won the darn thing with those results. We were so tired from vending and knowing we couldn't give the event our best effort. Congrats to Mark & Jen Welte of Carcass Cookers on winning the Grand Champion. They were the only team to receive four calls. Also congratulations to Kelly and Ronnie of Four Legs Up BBQ on their Reserve Grand Champion finish. They were also vendors, albeit a bit more experienced at it than us.

Dillon is a great event and a great break from the summer heat of the flat lands. Next year, we'll send our entry forms in earlier or we won't attend.

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