Monday, March 31, 2008

Pellet Envy wins Reserve Grand Champion

The 2008 season starts off with a BANG! Just got home from Hammond, Louisiana where Pellet Envy was crowned the Reserve Grand Champion of the 2008 Smokin' Blues and BBQ Challenge. With 54 teams participating, Smokers Wild, another Kansas City team won the event in dominating fashion. Don and Sharon Will received three top ten category calls. Our category finishes were as follows:

Chicken - 14th
Ribs - 2nd
Pork - 6th
Brisket - 12th

This event is notorious for treating the teams very well. In addition to good size cook sites, 30 amp power, and close water, the teams received a great embroidered duffel type bag, an awesome cook's dinner and a really great breakfast. Both meals were obviously of regional fare. The hospitality at Hammond is some of the best in the country. My hat is off to Eric Phares and the group for hosting a first class event. Driving down I got to wondering what on earth would make me want to drive over 1,700 miles round trip to cook an event. Those thoughts are far from my mind now. Great job Hammond!

I'm excited about the way the 2008 season started. I'm really looking forward to this year because of our partnership with Greased Lightning and because we're going to try a few new things. Our next stop is Shannon, Illinois with Johnny and Trish Trigg and Mike and Theresa Lake, to host the sold out Old School versus High Tech competition cooking class. We're really excited about this event. We'll let you know how it goes! See you all on the road somewhere this season!


Dodge County Smokers said...

Very nice job, Rod. Congrats. Were you cooking on the Geer or with pellets? Hope to catch up with you soon at a contest and pick your brian about the QLossal. Chris, Jerrod and I are getting ready and we're excited!

Pellet Envy said...

It was a stick burner kind of weekend. No sleep for the pellet head. I feel very lucky. Let me know when you want to put our heads together about Qlossal. I love event!