Friday, January 25, 2008

Best Rib Cooks in the Country!

Wow! What else can I say? This past Saturday evening at the Kansas City Barbeque Society awards banquet Pellet Envy was crowned the 2007 Team of the Year in the Pork Ribs category. Out of 681 teams that finished in the top five in ribs at any of the 236 sanctioned events this past year, we ranked highest overall in this category. Here is how the top ten shook out:

72 Pellet Envy
58 4 Men & a Pig
54 Smokin Triggers
54 Prairie Oak Smokers
54 Lotta Bull BBQ
52 Bubba 'n Jeff's BBQ
49 Twin Oak Smokin Crew
49 Buttrub.com48 Cool Smoke
47 Bare Bones BBQ
45 Doctor Porkenstein
45 Blazen BBQ
44 EJ's BBQ

We are in great company there. Congrats to all the winners. I estimate there are about 4,000 teams that compete in KCBS sanctioned eventsBy the way, those aren't my ribs in the picture. Those awesome looking spare ribs belong to my good friend Chris Capell of the Dizzy Pig BBQ Company. I wish I cooked half as good as he takes pictures!

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Eric Devlin said...

If those pictures are any evidence, your accolades are much deserved.


Eric Devlin