Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pellet Envy moves to top spot in National BBQ Rankings

With a win in Emporia, Kansas this past weekend, Pellet Envy takes over the top stop in the National BBQ Rankings for the first time this season. With 5,050 unique teams ranked, our team slipped past Bubba Q, a top tier traveling competition team piloted by William "Bubba" Latimer out of Georgia. The National BBQ Rankings combines contest results throughout the country to ultimately rank the top teams. Each week the rankings are calculated according to a proprietary National BBQ Rankings formula to determine the team ranks. Teams are awarded points based on top ten finishes in qualifying contests. These rankings are updated and released each Monday throughout the competition season and presented on the nationalbbqrankings.com website.

A 104 week rolling calendar is utilized to calculate the rankings. The NBBQR believes this gives the best indication of team success, both over a short period of time and at a sustainable level. By including the two major sanctioning bodies, the Kansas City Barbeque Society and the Florida Barbecue Association, plus unsanctioned events in the rankings, the NBBQR gathers a large portion of contests and teams. Points are awarded teams finishing in the top ten of each category. These points then degrade over thirteen 8 week periods. The points are then totaled and the teams are ranked accordingly.

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