Thursday, November 5, 2009

The beginning of the end . . . of the 2009 season

Well gang, the season is almost over. I'm three-fourths of the way to Shelby, North Carolina to compete against 82 other teams that just don't want to see this year end. Additionally, there are 42 teams in Russellville, Arkansas competing this weekend. Nobody wants the 2009 season to end, especially the five or six teams caught up in the dog fight for Kansas City Barbeque Society team of the year. It's a tight race, very tight. It's why I planned trips to Arizona and Florida in addition to this southeast odyssey I'm on this weekend.

We got a little beat up in Talladega, Alabama this past weekend. We still had a great time, no thanks to the cold, rainy weather. What a cool place to be on a NASCAR race weekend. I've never seen so many people camping out to attend a race and I've never seen so many people selling firewood by the side of the road. I guess it had to do with the cold weather on race weekend. It was just a little weird, honestly. We got to have a good meal with good friends on Friday evening and shook hands with many of the southeast teams we don't see often enough. It was good to see a friend win, although a little bittersweet. See, I Smell Smoke's win at Talladega put Steve and the gang with 18 points of us in the points chase for overall team of the year. That's a little close for comfort. Good for them, but I'm holding Steve partially responsible for all the extra miles I'm going to put on my truck in the coming days. Even got a little Greased Lightning to the teams and judges via the goodie bags. All and all, it was a good time, even if we need to work on our southeast flavor profile.

Between competition and some life style changes compliments of Dr. Oz, it's been a busy last few weeks. Sort of took my eye off the barbecue ball a little. Don't fear dear readers, I'm back and have my eye on the prize. However, let me apologize now if I'm a little slow in responding to e-mail in the next couple weeks. Driving from to and from Shelby, NC, Phoenix, AZ and Tampa, FL with a quick two day trip to New York for another Dr. Oz show taping mixed in, it's going to be a blur.

Good luck to all the teams competing the next few weeks and to all those chasing the TOY carrot. See you all on the bbq trail!

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Scottie said...

I might be wrong, but I think DB got a new shirt.....

Good luck Rod!!!