Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prilosec OTC BBQ Shootout Series rolls into Charlotte

This past weekend the Prilosec OTC BBQ Shootout Series hosted an all out barbecue throwdown in Charlotte, North Carolina. Home to Lowes Motorspeedway and the Coca-Cola 600, SMI rolled out the red carpet and walked the dog, even creating a two day break in the wet weather, to host the second in a series of four invitational cook-offs pitting some of American's top barbecue competitors against the elements, time and each other.With over 350,000 fans at the track over four days, thirteen teams set up camp and got some smoke blowin' in hopes of claiming a portion of the over $15,000 in cash and prizes. Three of the teams were featured, distributing mouth watering samples of their best pulled pork to literally thousands of hungry fans. As a bonus, spectators learned the benefits of the little purple pill and got to rub elbows with cooks from across the country, getting advice and tips on cooking better barbecue.In the end Bart Clark of Twin Oak Smokin' Crew gave the rest of the field a little heartburn, winning two of the four categories and dominating the event for the second straight time. For the effort Twin Oak was named the Grand Champion and walked away with over a third of the total prize pool, a huge trophy and a congratulatory handshake from Jeff Burton, driver of the number 31 Prilosec OTC car. Not a bad couple of days work if I do say so myself. Here 's how it all shook out:

1. Twin Oak Smokin' Crew
2. Cool Smoke
3. Lotta Bull BBQ
4. Texas Rib Rangers
5. Checkered Pig BBQ
6. Lost Gonzo
7. Pellet Envy
8. It Ain't Prime
9. Dr. BBQ
10. Jack's Down Home BBQ
11. Tarheel Smokers
12. Smokin' Triggers
13. Wood Chicks BBQ

1. Checkered Pig BBQ
2. Pellet Envy
3. Dr. BBQ
4. Twin Oak Smokin' Crew
5. Lotta Bull BBQ
6. Smokin' Triggers
7. Tarheel Smokers
8. Texas Rib Rangers
9. Lost Gonzo
10. Cool Smoke
11. Wood Chicks BBQ
12. It Ain't Prime
13. Jack's Down Home BBQ

1. It Ain't Prime
2. Tarheel Smokers
3. Cool Smoke
4. Twin Oak Smokin' Crew
5. Jack's Down Home BBQ
6. Checkered Pig BBQ
7. Pellet Envy
8. Dr. BBQ
9. Texas Rib Rangers
10. Lost Gonzo
11. Lotta Bull BBQ
12. Wood Chicks BBQ
13. Smokin' Triggers

1. Twin Oak Smokin' Crew
2. It Ain't Prime
3. Jack's Down Home BBQ
4. Wood Chicks BBQ
5. Texas Rib Rangers
6. Smokin' Triggers
7. Checkered Pig BBQ
8. Tarheel Smokers
9. Pellet Envy
10. Lotta Bull BBQ
11. Dr. BBQ
12. Cool Smoke
13. Lost Gonzo

Grand Champion - Twin Oak Smokin' Crew
Reserve Grand Champion - Checkered Pig BBQ
3. Pellet Envy
4. Texas Rib Rangers
5. It Ain't Prime
6. Lotta Bull BBQ
7. Cool Smoke
8. Tarheel Smokers
9. Dr. BBQ
10. Smokin' Triggers
11. Jack's Down Home BBQ
12. Wood Chicks BBQ
13. Lost Gonzo

Congrats to Bart, Tommy Houston of Checkered Pig and all of the folks who heard their name that day. Bristol, Tennessee is the next stop for the BBQ Shootout Series sponsored by Procter and Gamble. In late August this field of top cooks will again kick the tires and light the fires, battling to see who will be the next Prilosec OTC BBQ Shootout Series champion. See you all there!


Scottie said...

Where was Lotta Bull for this picture?

Pellet Envy said...

Click on it to enlarge it. He's there. Think green.

Scottie said...

My bad... Wasn't used to the green...