Monday, May 4, 2009


This past weekend the Old School versus High Tech cooking class reached a milestone. With the Danville, Virginia event in the books, we have spewed our philosophy on barbecue to over 500 students. That's unbelievable. When it began, I never really considered where we were headed. Rather, the timing was good to throw my hat in the ring as an instructor and although it took some doing, once convinced, Johnny Trigg loved teaching. In fact, I called him one Sunday after a class. We talked about where we were headed the next weekend and then he said, "but I wish we were headed to teach another class this weekend instead." If you know Johnny, then you realize how much he loves to compete, so those words say a ton.

If you had told me then that so many people would want to hear what we had to say, I would have enthusiastically disagreed. Now, less than three years later, we look back at all of the great folks we've met and the successes they've had and despite the hard work, it has been extremely rewarding. In fact, that's what keeps us going. I won't kid you, sometimes it's a little hard to swallow when I sit in my seat during awards and watch a student walk to the stage to claim a category win or better yet, be the grand champion. That's the competitor in me and I can't change that. However, that feeling is quickly replaced by a sense of accomplishment and pride. To think that our teaching has such an impact on the successes of so many people is overwhelming. It's also very satisfying. In fact, it's like nothing else I've experienced in competition barbecue. I'm going to stop now or else my head won't fit through the door and I have things to do today. See, Sheri's blow dryer died this morning and as a full tilt, hard charging barbecue guy, it's my job to find a replacement by sunrise tomorrow OR ELSE!

Thank you to all of the folks who believed in us enough to find your way to our classes. It's because of you that we continue to teach. We have met so many really great folks from all over this country. We're going to concentrate on cooking for a few months now. To my surprise, inquiries about future classes is at an all time high. That may be because we've completed our initial '09 schedule. Now we're considering one more event for this year at an undetermined location. Please e-mail me or check the website for details on future classes. Pellet Envy may be idle this weekend in preparation for our first ever appearance at Memphis in May next weekend. Wish us luck, because we're going to need it. We'll so much be a fish out of water down in Memphis. See you all on the barbecue trail!

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