Monday, March 9, 2009

A Jack Daniel's freezer full of meat?

Saturday was a good day. The weather was great. Kansas men's basketball beat Texas in a great game and clinched their fifth straight Big XII regular season title. We got to spend the evening with some old friends, catch up on the last twenty years and enjoying a great meal. Oh, and we won a freezer full of meat!
This past weekend, PBR Big Sky and the Power & Light District here in Kansas City hosted a contest in the KC Live venue, a city block sized open air, causal entertainment area surrounded by two stories of Kansas City's newest and hottest clubs and restaurants. The event had three categories, chicken, ribs and sauce. Fourteen area teams accepted the challenge to cook backyard style and provide a little entertainment for the Professional Bull Riders fans and spectators headed to see the event hosted by the Sprint Center that evening and the folks out to watch the basketball games on the big screen and enjoy the unusually mild March day. Between the weather, the venue and the people, we all had a great time.

With calls in all three categories, we were lucky enough to win the event. Our prize was a Jack Daniel's logo'd freezer full of meat. The Pickled Pig was the Reserve Grand Champion, winning a custom carved wooden pig created before our very eyes by the Chainsaw Chix, a couple of Husqvarna chainsaw wielding young ladies creating rooster tails of sawdust as they sculpted large hardwood logs in front of crowds of onlookers. It was quite a sight. Congrats to Paul, Mike and the crew on a job well done. We had a blast. It was good to see some friends and do a little cooking in a casual, fun atmosphere. We'd love to see this event back next year and would help it happen in any way we can.It's shaping up to be a busy week. I'm speaking to the Centurions Leadership Group about competition barbecue tomorrow, participating in meetings on Wednesday and heading out Thursday for the Presidential Smoke on the Water in Little Rock, Arkansas where we'll compete Friday and Saturday. I'm also hoping to catch a little of the Big XII men's basketball tourney as well. Here's to hoping that some of this past Saturday's weather will travel down to central Arkansas for this weekend. See you all on the barbecue trail soon!


ULIKA BBQ said...

you left me hanging. what kind of meat was in the freezer?

Pellet Envy said...

You name it. Filets, strips, ribeyes, beef ribs, kobe burgers, spare ribs, briskets, burger patties, a couple kinds of sausage, etc. The thing was completely full of meat with no room for anything else, seriously!

ULIKA BBQ said...

that is one heck of a trophy