Friday, March 20, 2009

Gorging myself on basketball baby!

March madness is in full swing. Luckily, Pellet Envy is idol this weekend, because this is my absolute favorite weekend in sports. The Big XII is 6-0 in the first round of the NCAA tourney. My bracket is holding on, mostly due to the lack of upsets. Kansas battled past a scrappy North Dakota State opponent this afternoon. For those that don't know, Kansas has historically had a little trouble with first round teams who's mascot's start with the letter "B". Luckily, the hawks didn't let history repeat despite the NDSU Bison's Ben Woodside pouring in 37 of their 74 points.

Unrelated, the All Things Barbeque blog is listed in a poll for best barbeque blog. ATB started out slow, but is quickly gaining momentum thanks mostly to cousin Pam in Dallas. She's my favorite cousin. Honestly, I only have two and she was closer in age to me than her sister, so she was around more when I was growing up. (Sorry Pam, I guess you get to be my favorite by default.) She was usually the target of my pranks and practical jokes. Remember the disappearing ink on the brand spanking new cheerleader uniform cuz? Anyway, if you enjoy reading this drivel, click on the link in the upper right hand corner of this page and vote for All Things Barbeque. If you really like the blog, just place a vote for All Things Barbeque. After all, this blog is clearly blatant self promotion anyway. Seriously though, I appreciate your help and support.

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pamelareanna said...

Thanks for the kuddos, Rod. (Of course, when he was little I called him "Roddie"!) I'm expecting several pounds of BBQ to be shipped to Dallas now. My favorite is the pulled pork just so you know. :) Your a great cousin and you know I'm always pulling for you... even with all the silly jokes and stunts I had to endure over the years. Love ya!

Pellet Envy said...

Consider it done. But one question, who dressed whom in a dress and sent that person to the filing station? Huh? Yeah, you created a monster . . .

Tarheel said...

I hope you actually get this now. At least someone from Kansas can win something. Because it aint the Jahawks!!! We now know how the story ends TARHEELS RULE!!!