Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Balmy February in central Kansas - OSvsHT recap

The '09 competition season kicked off with an Old School versus High Tech class in Great Bend, Kansas last weekend. Special thanks to Valerie, who told me she ordered our excellent weather. Big thanks to Kent for hosting our class. Also, very special thanks to Kelly, Roni, Keenan and Robert of Four Legs Up BBQ for providing the awesome meals. You all made our class a success.

This was a great class. Thirty-nine people attended from fourteen different states, including a couple from Massachusetts. To our surprise, all but one of them traveled a good distance to participate. Expo One on the Barton County Fairgrounds was more than enough room, allowing us to stretch out a little. Good food and good fun.

Kansas WinterQ , a second year event that has drawn teams from far and wide and is shaping up to bring out some of the best talent in the country. The weather doesn't look quite as promising as last weekend, but I expect the camaraderie to fully make up for that. Plus, if you've never had the privilege of being part of a Kent Romine event, you are so missing out. See you all in Great Bend this weekend! Next weekend the OSvsHT train rolls into Austin, Texas for the National Barbecue Association annual conference. If you're still on the fence about this one, jump off and come play. It's going to be a grand time!

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