Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sir, would you like a magazine?

Most everyone knows I have a long list of pet peeves. One of them is how selfish and self centered people today can be. So, on my otherwise uneventful flight home from Nashville on Southwest Airlines, here is a picture of an old woman sitting across the isle in bulkhead. For those that don't know, there is definitely more leg room in the first row of the plane. So, to take advantage of it, this women followed in the footsteps of they guy on the isle (pun intended), removed her shoes and wiped her sweaty, smelly feet on the rack of magazines. Nice! Doesn't anyone consider their actions as it effects others any more? Next time you reach for the in flight catalog, will you remember this picture? I think you will. Have a great day and remember to wash your hands often!

1 comment:

Dodge County Smokers said...

I like to rest my tired dogs on airplane magazine I'll skip washing hands, but I'll be sure to wash my feet!