Monday, September 22, 2008

Sometimes lightning does strike twice . . . . .

All I can tell you is that we're in shock. This past weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas we cooked against 91 of the best teams in the country and somehow successfully defended our title at the Smoke On The Water Arkansas BBQ Challenge. I'll write a complete recap post soon, but until then here are our results:

Chicken - 15th
Ribs - 8th
Pork - 3rd
Brisket - 9th


Very, very cool! Ron Cates runs an awesome event and this time I think he's outdone himself. Tons of hot air balloons and two free concerts including Tracy Byrd, plus a car show and a craft fair. I don't know the official attendance yet, but there had to be 60,000 people attend this weekend. Awesome, just awesome!


ULIKA BBQ said...

congrats on 2 in a row in Hot Springs! If you had to pick one to win twice, that is a pretty good one.

Ken Wood said...

Congrats (what a win!!!)- I cooked at Hot Springs under TAT BBQ team - We finished 2nd in ribs. I cook in Middle TN. against Ulika and the other great TN and Al teams. My blog is