Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Contest Recap - Smokin' Behind the Barn

This contest was the first in a double header weekend for us this past holiday weekend. Located in Winfield, Kansas, this was a second year event. Last year, as we were pulling in, the electrical contractor was just filling the trenches they had dug to run power through-out the area for the contest. That's one thing this Winfield event has, great power!

The highlight of the contest was Sheri's second place finish in the Friday evening contest. A local company there in Winfield, Fire Wire, hosted an event whereby the contestants submitted their entrees using their new product, a flexible grilling skewer. Sheri got creative and submitted tuxedo strawberries and bananas drizzled with white and milk chocolate threaded on to the skewers. I wish I had a pic, but they were awesome. The entrees were judged on four attributes, taste, tenderness/texture, presentation and originality. Sheri's entree was judged best in the presentation and originality categories, which was good enough to finish second overall behind Florida Skin & Bones who submitted steak, mushroom and shrimp on their skewers.

As for the actual contest, we finished 6th overall. Our category calls were 9th in chicken, 9th in ribs and 10th in brisket. Not exactly what we were hoping for, but some days you just have those days. Congrats to Kelly of 4 Legs Up on winning the event. Also, congrats to Bart & Lisa of Twin Oak Smokin' Crew on their reserve grand champion finish. This event was the first half of the Route 77 Championship, which was decided by combining the two overall team scores from Winfield and Florence. More on that in the next post.

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