Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big road trip tomorrow

Just a quick update. We're headed out for the Safeway National Barbecue Battle in the morning. After three weeks away from competition, I'm itching to get back at it. It's amazing what a few weeks off will do to your points standings. Not so sure about the 2200 mile round trip or the $4.75 diesel fuel were about to encounter, especially considering that when pulling that parachute we call a competition trailer, the truck get's about 10 miles per gallon. I know, I know, I DID the math! Ouch.

This trip Mark D. of Extreme Pork fame is riding shotgun. I'm very lucky to have Mark helping out. He's a strong hand and a snappy dresser to boot. Sheri gets to fly in. Man she has a posh deal at Pellet Envy. (Oh, sometimes I just kill myself . . .really) We've planned a couple stops along the way and hope to hit the D.C. area on Friday in time for a little R&R with the Dizzy Pig clan. I'm really looking forward to that as well. We also get to meet up with the Greased Lightning folks. That's their big bottle on the left in the pic above. This whole deal is going to be way cool. Cooking on Pennsylvania Ave. A dual sanctioned event, KCBS then MIM. Tons of bbq starved spectators. Good luck to all the teams this weekend. The one bitter sweet part of this whole deal is that Bill Arnold, the creator of Blues Hog Barbeque Sauces, is in the hospital with a very serious condition. He has surgery today. Bill, you'll be in our thoughts the entire time. Get well and get home soon man! We'll see you all on the bbq trail! Peace! Out!

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ULIKA BBQ said...

Good Luck this weekend.

Are you cooking in the MIM event as well?